Tuesday, December 21, 2010

getting ready to wrap ideas.

so! my last night of final exams and papers for this semester was well, last night. i am giddy beyond words about having a short break and have only really today, begun to get immersed in the christmas spirit. to treat myself yesterday (and to kind of give myself a pat on the back for finishing alot of work), i began wrapping. today i will hunker in (it has been snowing and snowing!) and wrap some more! i wanted to share a few christmas gift wrapping ideas that while poking around, i thought were really just great...

cutting out your own creative snow~flakes, what a fab idea! you could pick from an amazing amount of the many beautiful papers out there today, like going with this bright and cheery orange, to mix it up a bit! via the happy home.

super imaginitive, evoking exotic travel, or perhaps tickets to somewhere are inside? oh~so~clever! via design sponge.
this look had me at the tags! don't you just think this is pure genius? via design sponge.
treehugger suggests eco-friendly ways to wrap. i love the abstract, hap~hazardly way this gift was put together. really fun!
doilies! so pretty! enough said. via the room remix.
one of my favorite mediums to work with is paper. i'm a sucker for paper boutiques, with gobs of wonderful hand~made papers, the kind you just don't see anywhere else. i love the use of these tags too! via the design files.
while glitz and glam have their place during the holidays, so too do natural bits of green. i adore adding tid~bits of natural greens to top your presents. via unicorn boutique.
how easy and how sweet? you could grab bunches of these little pom~poms from your local craft store and voila! instant cutie~pie wrap! via unicorn boutique.
i think this deep red letterpressed winterberry design is simply gorgeous! via the style files.
have you wrapped your presents yet? have you come up with other amazingly creative ideas? if so, please share! sometimes it doesn't take alot of effort to deviate from the norm, the typical and add your own sort of mark on wrapping, making the recipient feel just a little bit more special than they already do. enjoy!

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Melanie's Randomness said...

aww I almost want to unwrap my gifts and so some of these. I love the pom poms one! Congrats on finishing the semester!! =)

Melanie's Randomness