Tuesday, December 7, 2010

do you have fluffy things? furry things?

running from class to class yesterday the wind went through me in boston. i forgot the new faux fur hat i recently bought (at the gap), it's amazingly furry, i adore it! so, was i dreaming of fluffy, furry things whilst the wind was whipping through my faux fur~hatless~head? you betcha!

warm rugs, bits of fur, via casa bella design.

via the design traveller.

velvety & fluffy, via pleasing aesthetics.

a very cool, wintery, inviting room, via dwellings.

gobs of pillows. love. via bolig magasinet.

via apartment therapy.

via the amazing new rue.

ah, this warmed me up this morning. i so want to run back to bed, jump under the covers and call my cat to come into snuggle. what i should do is brave the cold for an outdoor run. huh? i know, i'm crazy. first, catching up on a little reading for class. wish i had a super duper fluffy rug under my feet. my uggs will have to do for now. enjoy!


Sing said...

Great post. I'd love to warm up my space a little more this winter with some furry things.


Dale at Hospitality Design Inspirations said...

I have a flokati rug that I sometimes bring out around Christmas. My partner hates it though...he thinks it collects dust and crumbs and shakes it out ever couple of days. Plus I can't go bare foot on the wool or my feel will turn all red and itchy. Some things are too pretty and not practical...sigh...

Melanie's Randomness said...

My mom has alot of fluffy pillows!! =) These spaces are so cool!!

Callie Grayson said...

and so does my pup! She has many fluffy faux fur blankets.
I have many vintage furs that I inherited from my grandmother that keep me nice and warm!