Monday, November 1, 2010

tres tintas. barcelona. oh, and los angeles.

tres tintas is a company (find them also in los angeles, here) that is doing something very different. and that was their intention. tres tintas founders wanted to be "alternative wherever we went." tres tintas is creating murals for papers that are "full of personality." ah, you could say that...

here, paul valderrama is depicted in front of his very branch~like design.

"sort of branches" by designer paul valderrama offers a "unique stroke, natural and vivid which acquires a new sense with every new color."

with this old skull design "you will find something new every time you look at your wall. and the most interesting thing is that you'll never know if what you see is really true."

floral sensibility, designed by sara palmer "combines the japanese floral sensibility with the aesthetics of different cultural and religious ethnic traditions." view more color palette options here.

this paper design by elisa delancey creates a "world which only seems to make sense in dreams." wow.

loving the super softness here of "bamboo crew". this design by faile and bansky, "represent an ariel view of bamboo leaves in order to express positivism."

here, an up close and farther away view of "coney lady". "a dreamlike vision of coney island's surf avenue."

wow, when you are in the market to find fabulous, unique, strike~up~a~conversation wallpapers, tres tintas is where you need to begin. imagine one wall, even just one, with any of these amazing designs. to perk up a space, residential or commercial, to breathe life into it, to breathe interesting into it, to breathe sexy into it. yeah, tres tintas can do that.

how was your halloween? i bought candy and had not one child show up. (we live in a very tucked little cottage, not expecting any but had to of course buy candy just the same) there is sad and bad to this story. sad that i had no cute little costumes to admire last night in my doorway, but bad that a big bowl of candy is now sitting, vulnerable to my advances, on my coffee table. hmmmmm. enjoy your monday, i will be with my mouth full of chocolate. ;)

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Melanie's Randomness said...

ooooOooo I love when wallpaper has personality!! If I had a study/office I would pick one of these. They're funky!!

My mom had a similar thing happen. We over bought candy cuz we had so many kids last year. This year less than half the amount showed up! Darn candy! hehe. =)