Wednesday, November 17, 2010

autumn on etsy.

i headed over to etsy this morning, for searching out other items completely when my attention was drawn to some of the many talented photographers sharing their work and really capturing autumn in another way, through the camera lens. i wanted to share some of the photographers on etsy that stopped me, and who express their version of autumn.

autumn light cast by this vintage chandelier, perfectly captured by photographer alicia bock on etsy.

this simple acorn image just made me smile. it's a perfect textural piece, and i'm just as drawn to the red in this image. via mile marker on etsy.

i have a small collection of antique bottles and just love this image from leaping gazelle studios on etsy.

i love the seductiveness depicted by honey & jam photography of every day objects, like this gorgeously toned honey.

this lusciously red image of autumn via raceytay on etsy.

do you decorate with art? with photography? i do, in fact i do not hang any prints bought from random stores here and there. everything hung in my little cottage is either original art or photography or sculpture of some kind. but hand made none the less. there is something more real, more concrete and raw about original pieces that prints just do not contain or convey when decorating. what do you think? anyway, just wanted to share some of these amazing autumn views via etsy. enjoy...


Melanie's Randomness said...

I agree about prints. It's just not the same. I will hang some of my mom's paintings in my new place. =)

I love that red leaves picture. Wow that's beautiful!

Pearl said...

I love prints. the chandelier one is so beautiful!
and i love the lovely glass bottles..cant ever have enough of glass bottles..they make such a beautiful center piece.


Dionne said...

These are soooo lovely.

I decorate with photography too, but it's all my photography I have up. Actually, except for one in my bathroom. I won something from a giveaway at the Brightside Project back when it first started. Not an original though, but still a lovely print of a Paris street.