Friday, October 22, 2010

we're hitting the highway.


my son and i are hitting the highway for a much needed mom/son weekend, all the while taking in yet another college tour in maine. yeah that's right. my favorite state of all. funny that he's been drawn to maine his whole life, like i have. he's looking at the university of southern maine (among many others in boston including emerson) for writing and theater. his high school theater group was voted one of the top 5 in the country and has served him well. (the WB network picked his high school out of all of them in the country to begin a documentary series on fabulous high school productions, if you are interested the link is here to the beginning of that documentary.) he's artistic, talented, funny, and any college will be better for him being there is what i say! ;) of course right? i'm the mom!

we plan on taking in portland, eating a bunch of great food as portland always offers, playing a board game in our hotel room (it's out weird tradition) and taking in book stores and coffee shops. cannot wait! i have to get time in before the teenager in him goes away, at least for the most part. hoping your weekend plans are just as fun and relaxing. i'll see you back here monday maybe with a few photos. for now, bon voyage to us and to you, enjoy!

p.s. if you didn't get a chance to see some of the yearbook pictures i took of ethan, you can check them out here.


TamStyles said...

be safe and have a great time.

SOFIA said...

хороший блог!))