Wednesday, October 6, 2010

texture & gervasoni.

well, i'm in awe of this company and their products, and the products i've highlighted today are only a fraction of the amazing things going on at gervasoni! gervasoni is oozing texture, and the addition of texture to any space, residential or commercial can really make a dramatic or subtle perfect addition. texture can be added in more quietly or bang, here i am, tons of it! what ever you and your space might be craving. gervasoni can do that.

"cane, rattan core, manila, rattan, abaca, bamboo, malginate, parchment, opus signinum, malacca cane, black walnut, deal, aluminium, iron and sandstone: in gervasoni collections both common and exotic materials (almost always used in their natural state) are combined in elementary shapes, characterised by the variations in surface textures; coarseness, roughness and unevenness (and smoothness, geometry and symmetrical repetition too) open up the furniture to space, air and light, working directly on the actual material, unexpectedly seen in its most commonplace and fortuitous (and hence more homely and comfortable) form."

wow. i did notice that although gervasoni is based out of italy, they do have resources for acquiring product in many other places around the world, including the united states. click here for where to buy...and fret not my friends, you too can have exceptional pieces, fabulous texture and wonderful italian made products no matter where you live. enjoy!


Beach Vintage said...

Hi Robin, I love that oversized white cane chair.

TamStyles said...

very avant garde my dear. love the lighting fixtures totally.