Friday, October 15, 2010

surrounded by books.

we design for them. carving out niches, wall space. they are part of our environments. we stack them, we collect them. we cherish them. let's face it, books are an intricate part of interior spaces and for so many different reasons. via rum magazine.

j'adore how books can warm up spaces bigtime, as in this somewhat cool space, warmed by the mere presence of books. via purple area.

considering books, has your book displaying developed into a sort of no real rhyme or reason concoction? isn't that kind of fun though? yup. (these 2) via we heart it.

have books will travel. do you take them with you, your books? oh i do! i snag a book for the car ride, wherever i'm going. on my way to school, if i arrive in boston early, i grab my book. always the best way to kill time!

do you display your books skinny~style? via tiny k.

are your books here and there, to dibble and dabble with beside your bed? via design evolution.

do you do books in a big way, with big book shelves, not necessarily oh~so~organized? via zainterioranet.

are your books whispering to you from time to time. neatly stacked. softly adding to your interior spaces? (next 2) via timzou galerie.

are you completely surrounded, like i'm feeling right now? having to literally move books out of the way to make way for room on the dining room table? is that ok? oh yeah! it's very ok...

i have to laugh because most evenings i am literally clearing the dining table free from books, mostly required reading books for my classes but sometimes, just plain books i want to read or am reading at the present time. i swear, almost to spite my professors, i am ordering books on line (amazon loves me by the way) to savor for that precious down time from class reading. with that said, how do you do books? what i mean is how are they part of your residential or commercial spaces? are they everywhere or non~existent (hard to believe)? do you sort them? color code them? by size? are you a librarian want~a~be and categorize them? ;) not me, mine are scattered, stacked, placed on shelves with no real plan. i like it that way! also i like that it's the weekend! what are you up to? tell me! tell me! enjoy...

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Jules said...

hi robin! what a fantastic post - i love, love books and have lots of them stacked around my apartment. i don't think you can ever have too many books :) i hope all is well with you! have a fantastic weekend. xo - julie