Monday, October 4, 2010



c'est lundi! (it's monday). i say it in french because i'm immersed right now in a french course and am practicing for a test tonight ;) i'm breathing a sigh of somewhat relief from this weekend as it was crammed full of things, all oh~so~positive i might add, but crammed none the less. what did you do? are you needing a breather like me? we began the process of interviewing colleges for my son, boston university this past weekend, which was fabulous. it was a glorious fall day in boston, we lucked out! then yesterday, my son and i headed out for picture taking in the morning, for his year book photo. he asked me to take them! i love that. not a professional, but me. so i was humbled and honored and we had a great time being artistic together. i'll share some photos tomorrow. for now, enjoy this monday interior image, found on the great tumblr site, dwellings. how fabulous is that giant collage of polaroids and photos, which may be just leaning against that wall? can't tell. but i love that display idea.

hoping your monday is starting off energized and happy. i'm off to cram in more studying then off to boston. au revoir, a bientot. (sans the proper french accents of course ;)


Rikke said...

Great picture..I am doing a collage myself, so check my blog soon:)
And I love the sofa:)

Callie Grayson said...

love that sofa!!

I had an amazingly crazy weekend, with my sister and nieces and nephew!
I am sad I will be flying home tomorrow back to reality.

What fun taking photos of your son!

Sharda said...

I love the lighting from Terzani, the chairs look pretty cool. Nice interior!