Wednesday, October 27, 2010

let there be light. so long as it's from olivier sottas.

happy mid~week. just plain ol' loving these sort of geometric, sort of crunched floor and table lamps from swiss designer olivier sottas. what do you think?

they are both soft and edgy all at once. making for such an interesting lighting design. i'd love one of his tall floor lamps right next to my bed, how cool would that be? i'm officially french fried from all of my studying, off to eat something for lunch to revive me. what are you doing this mid~week? it's grey and showery here, good day for a nap. hmmmmm....enjoy!

1 comment:

Ish said...

Love the geometric shapes! I would put these in my bedroom to offset all the floral Liberty of London softness I've inflicted on the Hub.