Tuesday, September 21, 2010

ringing in a new season.

ok, so this morning, i headed out to the kitchen to complete work on a paper i'm writing for one of my courses and my feet were so chilly i went straight to the closet for yes, my uggs. i bought a pair last year (that i only wear in the house, kind of like my slippers. why? because they are really not me, but they are so soft and cozy and my feet really like them) and i realized that as much as i put off the fact that the seasons are changing and that autumn is knocking on the doors of my part of the world, it's pretty much here. hence the reaching for uggs. so as i cave into that fact, take a breath of cooler, crisp air and smile, i'll ring in the new season with some thoughts, ideas, sensations, things i really am looking forward to...

sleeping in, as much as possible. (via.)

drawn to worn, comfy, warmed by the autumn sun, leather couches. sipping coffee, reading a classic novel, listening to dave brubeck. now that's a day. (via.)

i'm suddenly craving super soft lighting, warm color palettes, to be completely surrounded by books galore, glass of red wine in hand. (via)

i find that this time of year, i start to slow down a bit, which is fine by me. with this green velvet sofa (by minotti) and the color palette of this wonderful space, with its soft glow, i could come to a screeching halt, never~mind slow down. (via.)

i'm starting to wrap up at night and in the morning (like right now!) with one of my favorite 2 cozy throws. that's a sure sign of autumn. (via.)
warm, rich, cozy spaces. (via)
bringing a little autumn indoors. (via.)

enjoy the last dangling days of summer. (via.)

do you live in an area where the seasons change? if so, what are you looking forward to? if not, what do you miss or wish you could enjoy and take in with the change of seasons. i'm off to finish that paper, feet are warm and happy, hot coffee beside me and the sun is beginning to stream in the window hitting my back. not bad. enjoy!


Leah said...

OH I love all the seasons! It makes life a little more interesting!

Love all these images!


The Zhush said...

Beautiful photos...that Eva Zeisel table gets me everytime!