Saturday, September 25, 2010

nika zupanc. absolute weekend eye~candy.

sleek, sophisticated, flirty and sexy, nika zupanc's pieces are definitely show stoppers. elle decor magazine describes nika's works as "punk elegance." business week describes her work as "techno chic." from her laced back seats to her piano black gloss scoop side sofas, to nika's lighting, it's all so decadent.

hope you enjoyed nika zupanc's pieces as much as i did. visit her site as there is so much more to read about and ogle over ;) what are you up to today? as for me, i'll be speaking french as much as possible (i have a test on monday), digesting the fabulous breakfast i just inhaled and perhaps a late day walk towards the beach. happiness is. enjoy!

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Sing said...

The cubicle like pieces would look great in a loft.