Thursday, August 12, 2010

things i'm loving from branch.

these felt pebbles, handmade in johannesburg, south africa as part of a job creation program which offers opportunities to local craftswomen, are super fun. i'd fill a very large bowl anywhere in the house with these, or perhaps sprinkle along a mantle or on just any old shelf? i just would want them around, for their color and for their texture.

branch calls this wall treatment "wall tears". at first i wasn't sure i liked it. but after a while of imagining the possibilities, perhaps covering one wall in a dining room, somewhere unexpected like that, i really found that in a nightclub, bar or appropriate restaurant, one centered around water or themed in a similar way, these could really be magical, especially if lit in the right way.

wonderful hand~silk~screened wallpapers by mark giglio. what i love about these wallpaper is their complexity, their color palette and the textural element they would add, even in small doses to any space.

handmade felt pillows and rugs, in gujarat india. bright, easy, perfect for spaces in need of a color punch.

porcelain pendant lights by pigeon toe ceramics. i love the material used to create a fragile, yet strong, warm light. mix and match styles for an interesting clump/chandelier.

these handmade bamboo pendant lights are glorious for a residential or commercial space. at home, perhaps one, hanging very low, next to your bed? or in commercial, line a bar with these overhead for a very soft, romantic glow.

this pink birdie pillow for a girls room? i'd want a whole flock of them, in all different colors!

how adorable are these mr. robot man pillows for a boys room? love these.

in an attempt to "change shopping", branch has set out, offering super sustainable products without losing visual appeal, quality and design in the meantime. products that are "wholly appealing on every level" and provide for guilt~free shopping. how can you lose? ;)

check out branch if you are in the market for shopping with a sustainable eye, but also just for plain ol' fabulous gift ideas or gifts~to~yourself ideas! enjoy...


The Zhush said...

What a great company...really love those felt stones and those robot are adorable! Thanks for the intro!

heart charlie said...

I love it all, especially those porcelain pendant lights! I want them in my bedroom asap ;)