Tuesday, August 24, 2010

space. "life uncompromised".

yesterday, on my book~shop hopping with my son, i had the luxury of perusing the fabulous pages of some pretty unique design mags. i located this fabulous site, space, based out of australia through one of them. have a look at some of my favorite inspirational goodies from space's chock~full design site!

space offers a dizzying amount of cutting~edge, conversation~piece, do~it~different~lighting. tons! like this "giga lite" by marc sadler for foscarini and for space.

and...one (of the many) suspension lights i found mesmerizing was this "5~pack" light by axel schmid for ingo maurer and for space. i love the accordion~esque nature to the light, keeping the light fluid, soft and unfolding right before your very eyes. just lovely!

this outdoor seating by b&b italia, and by patricia urquiola for space, provide an interesting amount of seating space, while fitting in with the outdoor environment, texture~wise, light~wise and throwing the outdoor space off a bit design~wise. these pieces are new outdoor favorites for me!

this super special "kartell" chair, called "pop", has fun written all over it. i love the busy nature of the fabric to the sub~dued spaces of the arms and legs, suspending the busy in mid~air! how completely amazing. perfect for any space in need of a true "pop" of color!

the industrial neutrality of this piece, "family life", is just plain ol' fascinating. really this piece could be put in any space, grand or other~wise, dressed~up or down, depending on the needs of the space it's inhabiting. really a great piece!

for these 2 pieces, the ovis & the ovis magnus, by leon krier, i was pulled in by the lines and also by the snow white color palette. in any space, they would be welcoming, sexy, pleasing and functional, all rolled up into one fabulous design ball.

i really love the modern, very edgy~ness to this piece, "living divani", by harry & camilla via space. adding in a piece like this, to an environment that perhaps is begging for a little excitement, this would certainly do the trick!

it was hard to even select a couple of coffee tables from space's website. there were soooo many fabulous materials, shapes, color palettes, to choose from, my head was spinning. you won't be disappointed if shopping around for a conversation~piece coffee table, whether for your residential or commercial spaces! remember...a coffee table can be such a focal point, a center meeting area, much like a kitchen table. even in a commercial space, you want to choose wisely, design~wise, when selecting a piece such as a coffee table.

space offers up an array of interesting rug choices as well, from grown~up to children's rooms.

the amount of options when designing either a residential or commercial space are limitless, as we see from just a tiny window into the offerings of space. remember to look outside of your area, sometimes going really outside your area, such as with sites such as space. and do you want to know why? because designing shouldn't always be easy. everything you need or imagine or want should not always be a hop, skip and a jump or jaunt away. sometimes you have to look high and low, near and far for the perfect lighting or wall treatment or single chair, that will make, complete or add to the space you are building. space is one of the many companies that offer you a plentiful amount of talented designers. space is worth considering, even if you are not from australia! enjoy....;)


Leigh Viner said...

The wonderful lamps and that rug! I am obsessed with trying to find a good one as mine have had their life cycle.. I am sure that one is way beyond my budget, but good inspiration :)

Also that is my favorite thing to do is head to Barnes and Noble with my daughter, I could just eat all the books. Another reason I have yet to give in to the Kindle or Nook.. hmmm but both could be good.


Callie Grayson said...

I had always loved mags from Australia!

The outdoor seating I just love! curl up with a glass of wine, chatting or reading!!

Thanks for sharing these wonderful finds.