Tuesday, July 27, 2010

one amazing coffee table.

i found this gorgeous coffee table via domosfera, a very cool polish site...and my jaw dropped and my eyes popped. wowzers! talk about making a statement in your living room? ah, yeah. that would certainly do it. ;) designed by french designer pierre lescop "it has an irregular shape and is made entirely of glass". wowzers again.

friends, my posts this week will be a bit here and there as i'm wrapping up a giant project for my summer course. i'm editing, trimming and narrating away at my short film assignment. so, bare with me if you will. i'll be back in the saddle by the weekend. :) for now, and until then, enjoy!


Sing said...

So interesting and unique.


Leah said...

That table is amazing! It looks even better in that room!