Tuesday, May 4, 2010

what's in a wall? tons.

sue over at the fabulous blog "the zhush" (if you haven't visited the zhush, you've been missing out!) asked her readers the other day, what moves you lately? i love that question. my mind went right to wallpaper,

from bold to super subtle, yet ever so interesting, elitis offers complete wall paper eye candy. seriously...

playful, flirty, and very modern bulging circles. i think if you kept the color palette light, this is actually subtle and fun, all at once. this would be daring to add to one wall, as a definite conversation piece.

super soft, floral pattern. when your space, residential or commercial needs a bit of femininity. perfect.

how exciting is this opalescent, very mother of pearl-ish paper? super luxurious. super fabulous!

the wall circles pattern by elitis is rich, elegant, playful and interesting. added to a quiet space, perhaps a space that need a little punch, i would recommend this pattern for sure.

the edgy, urban, shiny appeal of this chrome pattern could totally call attention to a space, if that's what you are looking for...you'd get it!

i really am drawn to the quiet subtlety of this honeycomb pattern. suggestive, yet not loud or in your face. this pattern could work in so many commercial or residential spaces.

ripples, well not really, but it certainly will fool the eye. again, on one wall, this could be fabulous, especially in a commercial setting, like a bar or nightclub.

how about squares? giving a vintage space a more mod appeal could be interesting to throw off the space a bit.

seeing spots with this fabulous elitis icones paper. could you do dots? how about just one wall, wouldn't it be so fun?!

crocodile pattern in bold blue or...

super subtle soft grey, making a quieter statement.

what are your thoughts? not enough? too much? could you imagine any of these even on just one wall? think about it, you know you have, thought about it that is. i love the idea of mixing a papered wall with painted walls. adding texture, adding color, adding interesting. yeah, that's right, adding interesting. better than boring i say! enjoy :)


Melanie's Randomness said...

I like the one that looks like a turtle shell & the yellow one with the flowers. I think wallpaper is awesome & really shows people's character. I will definitely be wall-papering a wall in my future new apartment.

The Zhush said...

These are over the top! That first one is CRAZY!!! Maybe for a young and fun restaurant or nightclub?

The Zhush said...

PS: Thanks for the lovely mention...and the second image is the one I meant...I need more coffee! ;)


Wallpaper is on my mind too..but, you must, must, must go on the home tour in your area...there's nothing better than seeing how real people live...

Leah said...

Love that crocodile pattern!