Monday, May 31, 2010

happy memorial day everyone!


i hope everyone is completely and utterly enjoying this beautiful memorial day! what are you plans? good food? good drink? a fire pit and great conversation? as for us:

sipping coffee this morning slowly, check.

eating donuts from a small little coffee shop because we never eat donuts, check.

packing the cooler with coronas and lime, heading to nauset beach to boogie board and listen to the ocean, check.

stop on the way to the beach at our favorite little market for cold sandwiches (hey we need something to wash down with the coronas right?) :) check.

breathing. playing ball. taking my first swim of the year in the cold, crisp water, check.

spending time with the two loves of my lives, check. all is good, no scratch that.
all is great! enjoy........


Juxtaposition Design said...

Happy Memorial Day to you!

L'Atelier said...

Happy memorial day to you, robin!

on an other note, i joined this website called pinterest, and thought you might really enjoy it. let me know if you interessted got some invites left xo

Chic Therapy said...

hope you had a wonderful memorial day