Thursday, May 27, 2010

geometry in design. angles, lines and edges.

as i peruse the pages of architectural magazines, interior design magazines and the inspiring list of design websites and blogs, i am drawn to the inspiration taken from geometry. it's interesting, complicated, simple, offering texture, pattern and a little bit of life to pieces and spaces.
(just a great space, and geometric chair, via obsessilicious)

("twilight chairs", via eduardo baroni design)

(outstanding geometric interior architecture, via grego)
(amazingly amazing geometric wallpaper, via apartment therapy)

(super fun geometry inspired necklace via beth pohlman on etsy)

("cut chairs" via style crave)

(cool bookcase via vi.susalize.us)

(fabulous angular coffee table, via emma's design blog)

(via trends now)
(so much going on aesthetically in this geometrically inspired space, via aubrey road)
(this wow scene,via automatism)

do you own anything that you would consider geometrically inspired? whether for residential or commercial, i love the look of the fun lines, leading your eyes around a piece or a room, angles, edges, shapes taking place, all over the place! i love that!

enjoy your almost friday everyone :) the avant garde design give-away winner will be picked tomorrow, so there still time to enter. the post about the give-away is just down a few posts here, check it out before it's too late my wonderful blog friends!

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