Friday, May 21, 2010

emotional light.

this friday, i'm excited about lighting, more specifically i'm excited about arturo-alvarez's lighting. are you looking at a space in your home or building up a commercial space and thinking, i know that if i added just the right lighting, the space would shine? well, consider arturo-alvarez's lights, they definitely shine.

i'm so inspired by designers that do it differently. that dare to push limits, they stand out, they shine, literally, like arturo-alvarez. if you are in search of a signature piece, lighting that will stand out in your home, any one of these artur-alvarez lights would be that stand out addition. when building up a commercial space, in my opinion, lighting is more than extremely important. also, it can help build a theme, a definite look or feel to your business. i also advise, keeping the lighting throughout commercial spaces similar, if not all by the same designer. keep it flowing, keep it familiar, the lighting alone can create the look that your business is built around, your business's feel...and if done right, it can be like no other business around you, making your business shine. :)

also, if you for some reason happened to forget, it's friday!!! i hope you have amazing plans, or plans for nothing at all, whatever you are needing, i hope this weekend offers that to you! be sure to check back to avant garde design on monday for a great eco-friendly give-away! it's a hint, that's all i can tell you...enjoy!


Kelly said...

I love the first chandelier. Very chic, and innovative.

Leah said...

You are so right. I love lighting that dares to be different! So cool!

The Zhush said...

Wow! Those would absolutely enhance a space, very dramatic!