Tuesday, May 25, 2010

are you comfy-lined or clean-lined?

just wondering about you? your must haves? what do you consider a relaxing space? crispy or casual? what does it for you in the style of decorating?

what about color? crispy-clean-lined black and white? via emmas design blog.

or can you incorporate soothing soft, sexy color just about everywhere for comfy-lined spaces? via living etc.

do your spaces have to be airy, crisp, subdued, neutral and clean and matching? via living etc.
or can you mish-mash fabrics, patterns and colors? via mare claire.

what about the art? does it have to be hung? does it have to be hung in a row? crisp and clean-lined? via domosfera.
or can you just let them lean? can your art be just anywhere? are you casual comfy-minded and lined? via emmas design blog.

are you clean-lined and classically minded with a modern twist? via domosfera.

or are you vintage-comfy-minded? via purple area.
do you let in bold pops of color yet keep it controlled, clean-lined? ghislaine vinas interiors.
or are you bright and comfy, like this sunny scene?
marie claire.

it's funny because at home or in my interior design advice, i must have or absolutely advise eclectic, mixes of old and new, vintage and completely new, color and neutrals mixed. i want it all! but if i travel for some reason i don't mind the calm, crisp, more sparse spaces. i guess because it is really so different than what i'm used to.

so what about you? do you know what you are style-wise? are you comfy or clean-lined? come on...tell me! :) i, for the record, think both styles are completely and utterly amazing! enjoy...

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ashlina {the decorista} said...

you know what. i have no idea. i never have...i feel like i am a boho, romantic, traditionalist....or not.
who knows. but one thing i do love is the color white...so blissful....