Monday, February 8, 2010

who dat? ok...i had to say it right?

so, i'm from new england, i'm a new england patriots fan, but since i couldn't shout for the patriots this year, i went with the saints. had to, they were the slight underdog and i'm an underdog kind of girl :) so on that note, let's celebrate black and gold interiors while we're at it. let's have some fun, after we all had our share of fun last night right? :)

super subtle black and gold interior. here.

quiet black and gold interior. here.

black and gold, opposites attract. here.

black and gold with a view. here.

now, that's alot of gold. here.

oh my, quite a different gold, here.

this lampshade alone is divine! here.

clean and crisp. here.

oooh, utterly luxurious. here.

happy monday! whether you celebrated the saints win, or not, the spirit this morning is happy, sparkly, and positive. enjoy your day, enjoy these black and gold super fun interiors! we have snow on the way for this wednesday...urgh. i was just getting used to seeing the ground again! oh well, we'll be getting the sleds out for sure ;)

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Melanie's Randomness said...

Go Saints!! I'd live in any one of those rooms, especially the one with the yellow high chairs.