Friday, February 12, 2010

throwing a little love your way...

happy valentine's day! happy weekend of love! be passionate, be crazy, be quiet, be loud, be crafty, be creative, be in love!

these three loves from: le love.

from: restart my heart.

from: i forget :)
from: restart my heart.

from: design shimmer.

from design with a "z" from etsy.

from: restart my heart.

love plans? hmmm, i'll be creating something special for my son and for my other love. reading (of course, for class, that never ends!), eating great food, sipping great wine and being in love of course! :) enjoy!

1 comment:

heart charlie said...

Wow....this is definitely, hands down, 100% THE BEST Valentines photo round up post I have seen on the blogs this past week! They are all such fun, unique, sweet, and genuine visual interpretations of the valentines day that is upon us. I really love that first photo the most, brilliant!! Have fun with your son and other love ;)