Wednesday, February 10, 2010

quasar lighting. let's talk fantastic!

these are only a snippet of what quasar offers. quasar has a green line as well as their traditional line, all super unique, daring, and very much a conversation piece in any space that you plunk one!

sigh...that's all...just, sigh!

this glowing, sunny chandelier stopped me and took away my breath.

who doesn't need a zipper tulip table lamp? oh, i do!

this little drippy beauty made me think of get it girl style's blog and search for that pendant light, very similar.

with tons of texture, glitz and glam, quasar will tempt you to think very differently about your lighting selections and placement. go to quasar, especially if you are in the market for some new lighting eye candy, like i always am!

i also wanted to take a minute to thank the fabulous new find for me blog,

for giving me the sunshine blog award today! i will say that upon opening up my blog today, that made me smile. :) so...right back at ya! and if you all want to check out a fabulous blogger from argentina, who recycles and restores, then sells her pieces of finds and furniture, head over to here blog, here.

if you are getting snow today, enjoy! i am and will be getting the sleds out for sure :0)

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heart charlie said...

Wow!! Amazing photos!! I love that first lamp, it steals me away into a world of all my wildest fantasies ;) Congrats on the award! You deserve it!