Friday, January 22, 2010

new blogs to ponder, this friday.

anne over at the city sage's blog turned me onto a few new blogs, thankfully so. i, like you i'm sure, are always in the market for new reading material, new inspiration, new unadulterated design lust...and just in time for your weekend perusing pleasure.

when you seriously need that injection, that high, that temptation and that adrenalin rush of sexy fashion, hit sugar pop tarts blog, they are the ultimate dealer :) the crispy layout of this blog allows the fashion content to shine, to ooze off of the pages and sometimes well, maybe gets you to blush. i love that.

another new-to-me blog also fun and fabulous is destined to design. "a collection of art, cuisine, fashion, photography and all things design that inspire my day to day." i love their intertwining of interior design, cutting edge design and fashion. one big perfect blog of fun.

another blog full of dreamy photos and color palettes is aubrey road. "from aubrey road, new jersey, to honolulu hawaii, i'm jenny and this is a home for my favorite things."

so, here's to the weekend, here's to new discoveries and here's to you everyone!
watcha' doing this weekend anyway? as for me, more taxes, blogging, drinking of red wine, hanging out with my son (in between his drama club rehearsals)and raking hidden leaves revealed after the melting snow. enjoy yourself!

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heart charlie said...

I have a pile of tax paperwork to do too, as well as a bottle of red wine that desperately needs drinking ;) Maybe not at the same time! I love all your blog suggestions/discoveries!! Thanks for the tips, you have excellent taste ;)