Monday, December 7, 2009

monday simplicity by michael anastassiades.

are you ready for monday? me neither :) but it's here anyway. so i thought i'd post about some beautifully simple, elegant, organic in form lighting by the talented michael anastassiades, which i found through designage's blog, one of my favorite blogs too.

over the weekend, i broke a lampshade, by accident, that i've had for a while from pottery barn. well, as soon as i took off the shade, which sat on a floor lamp, there it was...the naked bulb dangling from the black iron lamp stem, and oh i loved it! i should have broken, by accident, that shade years ago! how funny right?
so as i pondered the thought of possibly just buying a fabulous tungsten bulb, which i've seen lately at urban outfitters for sale by the way. if you're not aware, they are a beautiful bulb, very vintage looking with the lines of glow running through the center of the bulb. just fabulous all on their own, with no shade! so that solves that little dilemma this monday morning :) enjoy your day everyone!

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