Monday, December 14, 2009

monday & inspired by christmas.

this grey, cold monday, i'm inspired for and by everything christmas!

set it up differently, here.

candles-on-pins, here.

romantic holiday headbands, here.

soft red yarns, here.

paper dove set, here.

christmas gold color palette, here.

when you gotta have a christmas gnome, here.

driftwood inspiration here.

next 2 inspirations here.

i want this for my christmas dress :)

mountain beanbag found here and here.

inspiring image here.

how about you? are you getting christmas-design-inspired? don't you love it?! something magical about transforming spaces, whether they are your work or home spaces, to christmas. enjoy this easy monday morning christmas eye candy!


Dallas Shaw said...

whats hanging in the first photo- i love it?!

Porchlight Interiors said...

Good to see you getting into the Christmas spirit...lovely pics! Tracey xx

heart charlie said...

I LOVE that wall in the first photo!!!

Beautiful blog btw! I just became a follower! Thanks for checking out my blog as well!