Monday, December 28, 2009

1st dibs beauties.

do any of you poke around 1st dibs at all? i sort of only recently discovered 1st dibs and every now and then, i poke my head into their site, one...to dream, two...to dream for clients or future clients, three...to dream again:)

i see this on a beautiful kitchen table, even a more rustic kitchen table to throw the whole look off, dripping with grapes or a mixture of lemons and limes, or maybe all clementines. wow.

searching for a unique frame for that special painting or photograph, how about this early 20th century tramp art picture frame with wonderful pyramid corners? stunning.

early 19th century painted and parcel gilt console and mirror.

leather napoleon chaise.

i love the lines of both the front and back of this sling sofa.

1940's louis XVI style armchairs.

vistosi white discs chandelier, completely amazing.

chrome industrial chandelier.

if you register with 1st dibs, which is really easy, you can then view their prices, make offers, request more information etc. and i have to tell you if you are not familiar with 1st dibs, this is only the tip of their gigantic iceberg of items. seriously. head over to 1st dibs now and then but allow time to take it all in.

i hope all of your holiday time with friends and family was super relaxing and festive! mine was, as you can see by my short break in blogging:) sometimes that's just needed. enjoy!


Tamstyles said...

ohhhhhhhhhhhhh love many of these pieces for the first time ever...

Rebecca said...

fun site...thanks for sharing