Friday, November 13, 2009

usona home.

you've made it to friday! yeah!! another great find to share with you all is usona home for this fun friday post. based out of philadelphia, their on line store will keep you there for a while, just clicking away and imagining the possibilities.

hmmm. where do i start here? from the lighting as a central element in this space to the use of the giant wall with a fabulous design aspect as well as a fun use for storage, getting things up off of the floor, lifting the space a bit with that bookcase. love, love love.

this amazing coffee table offers several aspects to any space. it offers useful space, just by the size of it, what you can display or store on or in it. it offers an element of weight and a sturdy placement of an object in that space. grounding the space and welcoming you to gather around.

these coffee tables are fun, playful, flirty and fabulous.

i love usona's take and manipulation of the average arm chair to the not-so-average piece. reminding us all that it can be different and sometimes, well it just should be done differently.

this indoor/outdoor (yes, it can survive outside if you can even imagine!)is perfect for both residential and commercial spaces, like rooftop lounge areas! making for a wow impact on your guests.

i love the look of this couch, not your typical design and the textural elements offer up a very special piece in your home.

how amazing is this unique table lamp, lit to imitate a candelabra, a conversation piece in your home to say the least.

and...the hanging version, just as spectacular!

these topsy-turvy lights intrigue me to no end.

usona's line of bedding and beds will have you dreaming for sure.

i hope your weekend is calling you with fun or relaxing ideas. as for us, more raking of leaves (are there more this year than last year? is that even possible?), a movie with my son, reading for classes and red wine at night. all is well with the world. enjoy your time this weekend. enjoy usona home's pieces and i'll see you back here sooner than soon!


beauty comma said...

re amélie: make it this weekend's treat! enjoy it with tea and chocolate cake. have fun + let me know what you think!

Beach Vintage said...

I love the silver back cushions on that couch. Thanks for visiting me whilst I have been away.

Dale said...

Those Topsy Turvy lights are SWEET!