Tuesday, November 17, 2009

hot textiles, hot wallpapers.

it seems i go through periods of becoming a bit bored with some of the textiles and wallpapers and wall treatments out there. but right now, is not one of those periods. in fact i'm inspired by so many!

next 3 wallpapers from fromental. oh...and there's more, i love them all!

"fab four multi" textiles by andrew martin.

kokeshi collection from spina design.

harlem toile by sheila bridges.

both branches & butterflies below by timorous beasties.

from sheila bridges spin on the french toile with her harlem-esque patterns to the japanese doll-influenced textiles by spina design, all are fresh, fabulous and eye catching.
just some wall and textile new loves for this tired tuesday of mine (the day after night classes). what's in store for today? i'm reading a book (required) that i'm not terribly thrilled with, (too bad!) then off to work on a paper, (on same book, bummer). but...the sun is out again! enjoy :)

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