Monday, October 5, 2009

turkish ceramics.

if you're like me and you don't just want to "decorate" an already built space, residential or commercial, but want to help in the building process, sculpting up towards that design phase then you'll love the option of turkish ceramic.

build or transform an entry way with sculptural tile elements such as this by turkish ceramic, allowing an entry way to truly be a welcoming focal point as well as a wow factor. with tile like this you are setting a tone to an environment, a scale, a style and a quality element.

bathrooms can be havens, dreamy, relaxing havens. so make sure every detail is met, provide ceramic tile eye candy, design and bring to life and environment, even if it is a bathroom. even in bits and pieces this turkish tile can be fabulous placed in the right proportions and places.

if you're a designer and your client is installing outdoor elements such as patios, pools, etc., don't forget the options with ceramic tile. construct, sculpt, shape and innovate their outdoor spaces. turkish ceramics offer exquisite options.

what i love most about designing options is just that...the options! while ceramic tile might not be right for you or your client, it might be perfect for a future client and to know your options is being all the better prepared for completing a project geared towards that clients wishes.
but offering them options is key, exploring for your client, producing multiple options, capabilities and quality. so fun! enjoy:)

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