Thursday, October 1, 2009

esti barnes rugs.

if you're in the market for a new rug, either for your commercial or residential spaces, don't miss out on rugs by esti barnes for top floor. original, provocative, innovative and sculptural in design. i just love them, all of them!

how fabulous are these little "seat pods" from top floors? removable, washable merino wool covers. perfect.

i have to say also that if you are in the market to put down flooring, top floors have some wood color palettes i hadn't seen and rich patterns for flooring. check them out too.

thoughts? see i'm much more of a beautiful flooring with rugs here and there type of girl. i'm a non-lover of carpet for the most part. flooring is just too beautiful to cover up with carpeting. are you a flooring or carpet person? just curious.
what are you up to today? i have a million things i'd like to do that will not fit into one day, so i'll be prioritizing. planting mums is one of them, (my geraniums have had it) and searching for bittersweet that grows like mad around my area. then some reading for class, more gandhi. bye for now...enjoy!


Chris said...

I LOVE that gray rose rug! I always want to decorate with pretty rugs, but my cats and dogs ruin them all the time :(

And I love the look of dark wood floors. I think I would like to do this someday in whatever home we end up in (we're renting). It certainly will hide dirt well!

Dionne said...

Oh wow. That top rug is amazing! I love how it has the part cut out of the corner - that's so unique!

Porchlight Interiors said...

Love the last floor boards - sensational! Have a lovely weekend...apparently we are in for our 3rd duststorm in a fortnight! Tracey xx