Wednesday, August 26, 2009

moroso. unconventional seating options.

antibodi, designed by partricia urquiola is anything but a lounge chair, obviously. the design blossoms from a “cellular” genesis of petals sewn in triangular shapes, creating ample patterns. the lightly padded petals feature reversible materials – felt and wool fabric; wool fabric and leather – which create a supporting cover that is then fixed to a stainlesssteel metal frame. the cover creates two very different and striking moods: with the petals facing upwards for a more unconventional, feminine version; or facing downward for a deliberately severe, quilted look. the two sides are available in black and white, or a natural tone matched with a kaleidoscopic patchwork." serious lounge chair envy. :)

designer particia urquiola brings a new vision to your average pouffe. "the essential and light frame takes shape thanks to the use of new materials and new production technologies, while the visible stitching emphasises contemporaneity."

designer toshiyuki kita created "saruyama" out of molded flame retardant polyurethane foam. offering an organic, carefree form to support anybody, while the piece alone contributes an airy, dollup of furniture for your residential or commercial space.

the first thing that came to mind with this piece was a city skyline. any city really. designer ron arad created "do-lo-rez". "do-lo-rez is a very up-to-the-minute sofa composed of several soft, square-based cube- or rectangular-shaped units of various heights. the units are arranged in rows to form the shape of the sofa, and fixed to a platform by steel pins."

designer enrico franzolini depicts "boston" here in this stoic sofa, refined, serious and a perfect addition to an already busy space, offering calm and a breath.

designer marc newsom created gluon. i love the very "jetsons" quality the design offers. imagine this piece plunked right smack dab in the middle of a very non-contemporary space to throw the whole thing off, which is welcome sometimes.

here, designer tord boontje has created the "shadowy chair", evoking beach furniture found "at the north sea in northern europe in the twenties."

designer patricia urquiola has created a main range bohemian look for moroso. "patricia's family of products – sofa, bergère, chaise longue, armchair and pouf – have very fluid forms, almost as if they were melting over their frame, creating soft, irregular, enveloping, almost casual lines, where the fabric or leather is fixed to the shell with press-studs."

you know what's exciting? even if these designs are not for you, your taste or your commercial or residential space, the fact that we have such exciting designers on this creative planet of ours is what's most exciting. that they will constantly offer us a varied selection into the artistic, to push the boundaries, to change our focus sometimes for the better and for us to appreciate plain ol' design genius.

most of you know my style is really a mix of old and new. i absolutely and confidently feel that the two elements mix perfectly, appreciatingly and necessarily to fill spaces, capture spaces and to allow spaces to shine. so cheers today to the brilliantly talented minds in the design field. may they keep turning our heads...in very different directions. enjoy!


L'Atelier said...

i adore the last one!!!

Tamstyles said...

i have been seeing those around alot lately..great pics.