Wednesday, August 19, 2009


to tennessee! to visit with my dad. my dad was born and raised there and i visit him there often. it's just for a long weekend really but some time is better than none. we'll drink plenty of wine, take in his new koi pond, eat biscuits and gravy and have great conversation. can't wait.

so...since i won't be able to post thursday or friday, here are things i may have posted about.

i wanted to do a blog shout out, telling you all about purple area's blog, unless you already visit her blog. her name is susann larsson and she is located in sweden.

her blog is always chock full of interior design inspiration and is a must visit for a fresh boost of color, white spaces and crispy clean environments. i'm very drawn to her selection of spaces she features and find her style to be chic, classic, elegant and fun all rolled into one.

and...lest we forget fashion friday? no way!
top shop, located in the uk is a women's' clothing site i discovered through anne's blog the city sage.

from fun vintage sequine beret hats...

to cool fall wraps and hooded cozy coverups.

for glitz...for glam.

light fall sweaters or cool, end of the summer coverups.

are you in need of a cute skirt?

and one of my favorite fall accessories, leggings galore.

enjoy purple area, enjoy top shop and enjoy your weekend everyone! see you all back here on monday morning :)


Adela said...

i love the first picture for its inspirational beauty, and the second to last picture, for its creative fashion genius! =)


Chris said...

I also love that first image. Very cool!

Hope you have a great time in Tennessee. It's so pretty there!

MonkeyinLA said...

Thank you so much for letting us know about this the Purple Area blog! The interiors are BEAUTIFUL.

Jules said...

can't wait to check out her blog! i hope you had a fabulous weekend visiting with your dad - it sounds like you were in for a lovely weekend :)