Friday, August 28, 2009

fashion friday and collar fun.

wobashka's etsy site features hand made collar attire gently salvaged from vintage scarfs, giving them new life as necklaces. i love the element these add to an outfit, not only with color, but texture and composition if you will. if your body is a space, then these are a fun addition to that space for sure :)

lace felt collar by dadaya's etsy site.

also by dadaya's etsy site, this nautical themed lace felt collar made from wool and then embroidered. pretty pretty.

how about this shimmering red organza collar design? talk about making a statement. very fun. recycled from an "upcycled" tie, organza, buttons etc. and voila! find this and more here on e.w. mccall's etsy site.

this lovely collar art made from old stock black vintage venice lace stopped my heart. find it here at mary not martha's etsy site.

i love the fresh take on these collars with this crocheted scarflette look from eveldas neverland site on etsy.

as always, anthropologie offers their unusual versions of these collar creations. love the smoky grey colors, they'd accessorize anything.

currently i'm smitten with all of the pretty and oh so feminine collar fashion that is popping up just about everywhere. very vintage, very confident, very daring and very fun.

what about you? do you see yourself in any of these beauties? or would they be too much for you? i think with the right outfit, the right look, even a t-shirt and jeans in some cases, these would compliment and make for a stunning accessory.

what are you up to this weekend? we are supposed to get remnants of a storm off the coast here so sunny beach weather is most likely out. but...there is always taking in the ocean during a storm, i love witnessing the tides, the waves, the changes that a storm brings to that environment. that and maybe lobster bisque might make for a grand sunday. have fun wherever you are! enjoy :)


down and out chic said...

i don't have any "collar" pieces but that definitely needs to change. i especially like the grey pieces from anthro.

Tamstyles said...

those are the cutest things ever..

L'Atelier said...

what cute pieces.... i am smitten!
enjoy your weekend- we expecting mild weather, am enjoying it - never know when the next storm is going to hit us :)