Thursday, July 16, 2009

mirrored furniture.

i don't know what it is lately but i'm loving mirrored pieces of furniture, not only for the sharp and shiny textural element that they add, but for the reflective pizzaz they add to your space. whether commercial or residential, they are fun.

photos and furniture via ivory pearl interiors.

mind you...i wouldn't want a whole house full of mirrored pieces and a total glass look, but even one piece is very glamorous. pulling my clothes out of a mirrored armoire or dresser would make them feel all the more special to wear.

would you enjoy a piece like these in your home? would it annoy you or make you smile like you're a movie star? i'm leaning toward feeling like a movie star with one of these gleaming in my bedroom. or perhaps use a mirrored armoire to hold eclectic china, baskets and utensils in the kitchen. think of that? :) hope you are all enjoying your thursday, fashion friday is tomorrow! enjoy.


Dionne said...

I couldn't have a bunch of mirrored furniture in my home, because I know I would constantly be checking my reflection. It sounds vein, I know - but I can't help it!

georgia b. said...

amazing pieces!

i love this motif, because it was so prevalent during one of my favorite periods of style—art deco.

i have a jewelry armoire from pier 1 that is all mirrored like this. i would love to have an entire bedroom set—all from different places and times, but all mirrored. i love the look!!

how incredible is this bed you posted?

L'Atelier said...

i love mirrored furniture! and you found amazing pieces, i dont have any - partly because i am worried about polishing them
guess if i get any i will have to get a maid again ;)

beth said...

me too....who knew ?

a few years ago I would have turned my nose up at those mirrored pieces....but lately, wow !

Tamstyles said...

i love mirrored pieces...my office , my formal..gotta have it,

julia. said...

oh! i love the furniture!