Monday, June 29, 2009

jennifer post. a place in the clouds.

photography by ken hayden.
do you know what your style is? what you absolutely love, absolutely dislike, and do you stick to it? i read an article about jennifer post in my june issue of architectural digest, and not only did light bulbs go off but i had to really think...do i absolutely know and understand my design style. another words, we may be pretty sure, think we know or have a good understanding, but do you absolutely know?

what i was so drawn to, besides the layout in the magazine of the miami high rise that she recently designed for a client, was her absolute sense of style. her client had read about her, studied her style and after he had asked to meet with her regarding completely transforming his miami high rise get-away, he didn't even ask to see the portfolio she had brought with her. that's how confident he was in her look, her style and the mark he knew she'd leave when she was done. he gave her cart blanche to take over his 5,000 square foot penthouse with one demand: "that she promise to hew her signature style of clean lines, cloud like palettes, and uncluttered light filled spaces." he was that sure. as she is that sure of her style.

really a great read, this article and there is also a direct link to jennifer post and her bio. where she grew up, how her tastes developed and how she simply does not compromise. "jennifer post seasons her speech with the words that describe her life and her work. “i’m a purist. some people don’t like what I do. that’s fine. there are enough people who do. i want to do something that’s completely unconditional and unique for people who appreciate light and space, who want one very fluid, purist scale when they’re at home.”

so in reading about jennifer and taking in her style, ask yourself if you truly understand your own style as a designer. it really made me dissect myself style-wise and narrow down my true loves and true dislikes to a point where i sort of see clearer now, if that makes sense. enjoy the article!


Dale said...

Wow absolutely gorgeous! How practical it is with that dog...I'm not sure, but the photos are amazing!

TheDecoDetective said...

Oh, these are perfect for summer! My style is neutral with splashes of colour these days. What it will be in a month, I don't know =)

Kellie ~ Ada and Darcy said...

stunning rooms... And love the Dane!!

georgia b. said...

oh, my! that view is incredible! it almos tlooks fake.

great post, robin. this is definitely something i would have to ask myself, especially if i ever went back to int. design school. i am all over the place as far as what i love in design. maybe it's just constantly changing, or maybe i'm still trying to define exactly what my style is. either way, this is a very thought provoking post.

i need to subscribe to architectural digest. i used to get my mother-in-law's issues when she was done with them. but now she lives in florida and i rarely read that magazine anymore.