Monday, May 18, 2009

make a statement.

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when transforming a residential or commercial space, i believe it's fun to make a statement. to throw a curveball into each space, so that each space that you enter has something to say. whether you make your statement softly or boldly,i think rooms are more interesting with some key fabric, or color or fixture that says something about you.

maybe your room is primarily neutral but you've placed a daring rug,spiced up lampshades or incorporated an eclectic variety of pillows or bold lighting to interrupt that space in a positive way.

i found some versions of making a statement that i thought were fun, and all so very different. how do you make a statement? is it with wall treatments? patterns? texture? pillows? paint? or do you collect objects to display? tell me your thoughts, i'd love to hear what you find inspiration in and how you choose to make your statement. enjoy!


L'Atelier said...

these are so amazing!
We got rather neutral coloured furniture, some of them are statements in them selfs-like our antic oval mahagony dinning table...so I use softfurnishing and accessories as statment.
honestly i am not as bold as your pictures- think when i buy a place i will be much more adventurous.
sorry haven't been comenting much lately been sick, am reading back now.
see you soon again

Chris said...

I love adding dashes of whimsy, color, interesting things to touch and see, unexpected items/organization, etc. I just bought a bunch of old magazines that I'm going to frame and hang up, just because I think they're beautiful.

I really feel like when someone walks in my house, they get a great sense of who I am. I also noticed that I decorate the same way I dress: bright colors, fun metallics, surprising mixes of texture and color (and maybe they don't always work either). It's so much fun decorating your nest!