Thursday, May 28, 2009

let there be candles.

"em & em" is a two way ceramic candle holder for 2 different candle diameters. available in white, black and red glossy ceramic. via.
"cool & fresh". designer patrik pettersson "accidently" created this candle holder while working on a table design...art by accident? via.
"magmastone". "when developing magma stone, the designer pernille vea gathered inspiration from the glowing interior of the earth." via.

"bon jour quattro" candelabra. via.

"new york" candle holder made of anodized aluminium. via.
"windbreak" made of white methacrylate. via.
beautifully simple white porcelan balls allow the candle light to peak through. via.

"candles that resemble sinuous sculptures, enclosed by a neat metal frame." via.
ok, so most of you know about my pillow problem, i always have too many and am always obsessed with seeking out new ones, unique shapes, patterns etc. i also have a bit of a candle problem. i really don't have alot of candle holders, but i do need them burning every night. their light comforts me, makes me feel at home and since we currently don't have a fireplace or a wood stove, it's my fire of sorts. whether it's primeval or very cave woman of me, i'm not sure, but i really sort of panic when i run out of candles. which i was last night, out of them that is.

so i thought i'd go in search of some unique sources for housing those delights that are candles and fire. i certainly found some intriguing ideas for placing your candles and holders in your favorite spaces. are you a candle person? tealights or votives? candelabras or small glass globes for your candles? well, i'll be sure to light a candle for you all tonight send out great warm vibes of how they make me feel. enjoy!


Chris said...

I like those "stone" candles :)

I'm a total candle person, and to the point where I'm constantly buying them and they pile up in boxes, lol. I have to cut myself off, unless it's something truly special.

Kellie ~ Ada and Darcy said...

Ohhh i adore the last one. I love candles, i have them burning in the daylight as well, they create such a beautiful atmosphere :) Kellie