Tuesday, April 21, 2009

pure, and green.

"pure is the vision and result of interior designer ami mckay who decided to create a line of furniture deserving of the environments where they reside. as a designer, mckay's goal is to discover and develop spaces people love to inhabit. with the unveiling of pure, mckay created a line of furniture that is as sustainable as it is elegant. mckay's dedication to sustainable product and spaces spans her designs, where she marries clean materials with elegant forms."

i am drawn to the very clean lines, color palettes and embroidery in the designing of pure's eco-furniture. such a simple chair or couch and then boom those lines of embroidery traveling around the piece, or up from the cushions or along the back. i'm starting to look at my plain ol' couch a little bit differently at the moment and picturing myself grabbing a needle and some beautiful thread. let me know your thoughts on pure's designs. i view them as fresh, alive, and pretty darn comfy looking! enjoy!

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Chris said...

I really, really like these too. I love the unexpected embroidery, just a dash of a design. I don't think I've ever seen something like that before. How I would love to have at least one of those in my living room!