Thursday, November 20, 2008

getting into the christmas-tree spirit!

ok, so i'm working on the shop and realizing that not only do i have to get it filled up and functional but also decorated for christmas! yikes, so needing a little kick in the pants i decided to hit the martha stewart site...and before everyone sighs...for holiday ideas you must admit martha really is the bomb! and every now and then a little voice appears whispering "what would martha do?" come on you know it! anyway, even though it's early and i'm not one to rush the season i need to get into the groove for my business. so, as i'm perusing her pages, she has created a thumbnail page by page grouping of eye-candy christmas trees, with great descriptions and traditions explained depending which part of the world she has decorated a tree for. it was fun to flip through the images, read some of the interesting facts and of course gather some inspiration when my normally artistic and original idea-filled brain is a bit spent. do you have a favorite? is there one you could see in your own home or business? hopefully the trees get you in the spirit although early, christmas and decorating does creep up on all of us. have fun!